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Committee members

Our thanks to the people who made it all happen

Wendy Graff

Wendy Graff, Project Director

I was shocked when I fully understood that the Torah—feminine in gender in the Hebrew language, considered the most sacred Jewish object, handed down from generation to generation in one of the world’s iconic coming-of-age ceremonies—has only been brought to life by men. Before this project, it had never occurred to me to think about how the Torah scrolls were produced. Once I realized that no woman had ever transcribed one, and that I could help change that, now and for future generations, I couldn’t go back.


Rabbi Fern Feldman

Rabbi Fern Feldman, Advisory Board

Gerianne Sands

Gerianne Sands

Joining the WTP Committee for me was the best way to both contribute to a great organization that means a great deal to my family and me AND to remain engaged in an exciting new initiative. A Sefer Torah to be scribed by women seemed to me at the outset to be an achievement that was long overdue. It has been a pleasure and a joy to join with others in this amazing adventure.

Neal Sofian

Neal Sofian

Since I was a kid in St. Louis, my congregation was involved in the issues of civil and human rights. It was so clear that to be Jewish was to be actively involved in making the world better. I have always remembered the saying, "If the messiah comes while you are planting a tree, finish planting it and then go visit the messiah," a pretty good metaphor. Besides the sheer beauty and meaning of what we are undertaking with the creation of this Torah and all of its vestments, we are planting a tree.

Jeff Rodd

Lois Gaylord

Lois Gaylord

I found out about the Women's Torah Project shortly after joining Kadima in the fall of 2005. I was immediately very excited about it as an artist and wanted to contribute and be part of the project. For me, the WTP is a way to manifest the Divine Feminine and to help restore balance in the world, tikkun olam

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