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Lois Gaylord

Lois Gaylord…

I grew up in San Jose, CA, in a culturally Jewish home. We celebrated Passover and Chanukah, went to services on the high holidays, and my sister and I were sent to Sunday School. Our parents were active in B'nai Brith and B'nai Brith Women. I learned Hebrew during my first year of college and went on a six-week trip to Israel the following summer. Over the years I have also explored other spiritual traditions and practices. About the time that we joined Kadima, I seriously started seeking a way to connect to the feminine aspect of the Divine. I discovered the Shekinah and through study, meditation, and other spiritual practice, have been seeking to deepen my connection to her.

The WTP really resonated with me when I first heard about it. Having become a member of the community sponsoring it, I wanted to contribute and be a part of this groundbreaking project. There is an obvious importance from a feminist perspective, but for me, its greatest importance is on a spiritual level. The world, and Western culture, especially, have been dominated by male energy for so long that much of the world is out of balance (war, terror, hunger, environmental degradation.) By having a Torah, the basis of our tradition, created by women, we will begin to help re-infuse the Divine Feminine energy back into the world. We are working as women have always worked cooperatively, sharing the burdens, supporting each other. Through this process we help to restore the balance of female and male energy, to heal the world, tikkun olam.

I am a weaver and fiber artist and received by BA in textile design from the University of Washington in the early 1980's. For my contribution to the WTP, I will be weaving a bimah cloth using linen, possibly combined with silk, in white and natural, The weave structure was developed from a point twill threading where the warp threads float on the surface, creating a subtle, six-pointed star on one side. The piece is still in its conceptual phase, but other design elements may include a blue border and possibly a tablet woven band with an inscription in Hebrew.

My gift of a bimah cloth to the WTP will help launch a new chapter in my artistic career — the creative of custom ceremonial cloths. These will be any type of cloth or garment to be used for religious or spiritual purposes, such as tallitot. Through this gift, I intend to give thanks to the Divine, for all my blessings.

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