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Share your ideas

Andrea Sher-Leff
Andrea Sher-Leff, artist for the wimple clasp

Become a bigger part of the Women's Torah Project...

The addition of artists from around the world was an unplanned extension of our original idea. Now we're dreaming of a conference on Women and Torah in conjunction with the Torah's consecration, a book or film to document the project, more ideas than we could possibly put into action. That's where you come in!

Our email address is office@kadima.org. Use it to:

  • Suggest ways to build community as a result of this process.
  • Give us ideas on how this Women’s Torah can reach out into the world.
  • Help us find the resources to bring these ideas to fruition.


We're planning a joint fundraiser for our temple and the Women's Torah Project. We're going to challenge our congregation to become a major donor to the WTP through a "Seeds of Change" campaign. We'll ask donors to contribute at least $126 and a fabric swatch to be included in the pomegranate-motif mantle being made for the Women's Torah. The proceeds will be split between our congregation and the WTP.

Building our sisterhood

Our sisterhood is planning a Rosh Chodesh Women's Day where we will invite guest lecturers to come in to discuss all types of women's issues: Judaism, medical issues, life issues, exercise, fashion... We will also invite local vendors to come in to sell jewelry and clothes, to do makeup, manicures, hair, massages-in short, a total day for and about women. We will charge $18 or $36 for the series with all proceeds earmarked for the WTP.

Hebrew school curriculum

We're designing a curriculum for our Hebrew School, to be called "The Parsha Project" or the "Chapter Challenge." There will be classes to discuss women in Judaism and the roles they have played to shape our history, from the Matriarchs to Golda Meir, from Molly Picon to Natalie Portman. We'll consider how these women might view the Women's Torah Project, and discuss several parshas and chapters from the Torah (to be chosen by the rabbi, cantor, or principal). Then the kids get to decide which parsha or chapter they would like to underwrite and how they are going to raise funds for the project. The goal will be $1080 for the parsha, and $540 for the chapter (per Kadima's donation form). All money will go to the Women's Torah Project.


The new Jewish Feminist group that's getting started at our Hillel is really interested in the Women's Torah Project. We haven't figured out what we want to do yet, but we definitely want to learn more AND support the project.

Hillel of University of Washington, Seattle, WA

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