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Shoshana Gugenheim

Shoshana Gugenheim

Shoshana Gugenheim

Kadima is proud to welcome soferet Shoshana Gugenheim, a gifted artist and community activist, to the Women's Torah Project. Shoshana will be scribing the 62 panels of parchment (yeriot) that comprise the Torah. Shoshana has been trained in the sacred art and practice of Torah scribing by one of the sofer-mentors with whom our original soferet studied in 2003. Kadima underwrote Shoshana's training, so that she could help write this Torah.

Shoshana's unique approach to education and art makes learning with her an adventure in creativity and self-discovery. Her diverse background in multi-cultural education and dialogue, ecology, Jewish studies, informal education, counseling, and movement arts allow her to implement the arts in a wide range of environments. She has worked with a variety of organizations including the Teva Learning Center for Jewish Environmental Education where she served as Co-Director, Radcliffe College, Outward Bound, Tal Torah Center for Women and Torah, The Interreligious Coordinating Council of Israel, and a variety of educational institutions in Israel and abroad.

Shoshana has worked as an artist-in-residence with the Crossroads Center for Youth at Risk, the Arad Arts Project, Camp Newman of Santa Rosa, California, and twice with Elat Chayyim in upstate New York.

Shoshana describes herself and her work

Shoshana Gugenheim, soferet
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From the artist's website, www.artfully. org:

Shoshana Gugenheim, M.Ed, is a community artist and educator. She has worked with diverse populations throughout Israel and the United States engaging the arts as a means for transformation and cross-cultural communication. Shoshana has twice served as the artist-in-residence for Elat Chayyim, a Jewish Retreat Center in upstate New York, as well as other locations in Israel and abroad. She offers creative arts workshops addressing issues of modernity with a special interest in women, land, and society. In addition to her visual work, she incorporates the study of text, creative writing, and movement in her workshops. Shoshana's mosaic works and one-of-a-kind books appear in "HaGalleria" at Kibbutz Har El near Jerusalem. When she is not in the studio she can be found hiking in the desert, cooking, dancing contact improvisation, teaching yoga, or drinking chai in her hammock with a friend. Shoshana resides in Jerusalem, Israel.

Kadima is looking forward to working with Shoshana as she brings her talents and energy to this project.

Read more about Shoshana's vision

From Women Writing a Sefer Torah, by Shoshana Gugenheim

Every Israelite is commanded to write for themselves a scroll of the Torah for their own use, as it says: "Now therefore write for yourself this Song." (Deuteronomy 31:19)

I remember when I consciously became part of collective memory. I recall the moment when my ancestral memory and my present memory were wed, when the day's struggle was informed by wrestling with the past. I was standing at Sinai. I was there with every Jew who has or ever will live. Together we received the Torah. Read more...

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