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Torah Time-Share

Make Kadima's Women's Torah Part of Your CommunityLaurel Robinson

For a new donation of $5400, or pledge of same over the course of up to one year, your congregation or group can have guaranteed use of Kadima's Women's Torah, along with a companion curriculum for K-Adult, for at least three weeks during a calendar year, for three years, beginning after the first full year that the Women's Torah is in use.

Kadima will have exclusive use the Women's Torah from Rosh HaShana through Simchat Torah and for Shavuot. Kadima will develop an annual calendar for usage. The first group to donate or pledge $5400 will have first choice each year, the second group will have second choice each year, and so on.

Groups wishing to use the Women's Torah will be required to cover round trip shipping expenses from Seattle, WA, including mandatory insurance. Kadima will determine the appropriate methods to ship the Torah and participating groups will be required to use one of those methods.

For more information about making the Women's Torah part of your community, please contact Kadima at (206) 547-3914 or office@Kadima.org.

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