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Autumn Update, 2008

Another Soferet Joins In!

We've added another soferetLinda Coppleson of West Orange, NJ. Linda joins Shoshana Gugenheim in Jerusalem (currently on leave while she cares for her infant son) and Rachel Reichhardt in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Linda will be starting on the book of Numbers (BaMidbar). Read more about Linda.

"It is particularly meaningful for me to start with Sefer Bamidbar," said Linda. "The narrative of this fourth book of the Torah is about the journey of the Israelites to Eretz Yisrael, and in a way, my journey to become a soferet is about to take me to my “promised land” — to the opportunity to write a Sefer Torah. It's terribly exciting for me." Linda, who has been writing, illuminating and painting ketubot (Jewish marriage contracts) for many years, studied sofrut with Dr. Eric Ray and Jen Taylor Friedman. You can see examples of Linda's work at ketubahsoferet.com.

Rededication and Renewal

We are thrilled to announce that Rabbi Yohanna Kinberg has joined the WTP and will lead a WTP Rededication ceremony during Chanukah, the holiday that celebrates light and energy lasting longer than expected, and the cleansing and rededication that result.

New Ways to Support the Women's Torah Project - Spread the Word!

Torah Time-Share

Organizations making a major donation or pledge to the Women's Torah Project will be able to schedule access to this unique Women's Torah for use in their own congregation or learning group. Imagine your Rosh Chodesh group, Sisterhood or adult bat mitzvah class reading from the Women's Torah! We will develop a K-adult curriculum to accompany the Torah. This offer is limited to ten organizations, on a first-come, first-serve basis. For more details, please contact Kadima at (206) 547-3914 or office@Kadima.org.

Be a Pomegranate Seed

Remember that anyone who donates to the Women's Torah Project is invited to contribute a small (one inch by one inch) bit of fabric, from any woman or girl you choose, to be fashioned into a seed in the Torah mantle's pomegranate motif. What a wonderful Chanukah present!

Mail your donation to:
Kadima Women's Torah Project
12353 8th Ave NE
Seattle WA 98125
or make your donation on-line at www.kadima.org or www.womenstorah.com.

We are in the home stretch towards completing this world changing Torah. Help us finish this mitzvah.

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