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Spring Update, 2009

Be Our Facebook Fan

The Women's Torah Project is now on Facebook. Become a fan (“fans” are for Facebook entities, “friends” are for people) and invite your Facebook friends to become fans, too. It's a viral world out there and we want to spread the WTP. And, no, we aren't Tweeting....yet.

Half-way Home and a Fourth Scribe Joins In

When soferet Linda Coppleson wrote in late April that she had finished her fourth panel, it marked the half-way point towards completing the 245 columns of text that comprise a sefer Torah. That is indeed cause for celebration!

The same week, we finalized our agreement with soferet Julie Seltzer and shipped her three panels of parchment. Julie, who lives in New York City, studied with Shoshana Gugenheim and other teachers in Israel and currently studies with Jen Taylor Friedman. Read more about Julie here. And in May, lead scribe Shoshana Gugenheim started back to work after taking several months off to be with her newborn son.

This adds up to four scribes writing on the Women's Torah, including soferet Rachel Reichhardt in Brazil. Julie will scribe full-time and, once school is out in June, Linda will have more writing time, too. We are on the downhill slope towards finishing this historic first sefer Torah commissioned from, created and embellished by an international community of women.

Torah Crowns

Jewelry and metal artist Aimee Golant completed the rimonim she designed for the Women's Torah Project. Aimee used copper, silver, 22k gold and a brown diamond to create these Torah crowns, which are 3 x 10 x 11". Aimee worked to raise money to help cover the cost of creating these crowns. Read Aimee's artist's statement.

The WTP goes to Australia

The Jewish Museum of Australia in Melbourne will feature the WTP as part of its upcoming exhibit, "Women in the Bible: Tricksters, Victors & (M)others". The exhibit, guest curated by Rebecca Forgasz, opens October 15, 2009 and runs through March 14, 2010.

Get 'er Done!

Women across the world are writing this Torah together. It is the change we wish to be--a cooperative, international community creating, learning from and embellishing the same Torah that binds Jews together on every continent.

Mail your donation to:
Kadima Women's Torah Project
12353 8th Ave NE
Seattle WA 98125
or make your donation on-line at www.kadima.org or www.womenstorah.com.

We are in the home stretch towards completing this world changing Torah. Help us finish this mitzvah.

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